China libre (de blogs)

Recuerden esto la próxima vez que un despistado les diga que el “milagro chino” es superior a las políticas neoli fallidas.   No deja de ser curioso que que los pundits culpen con más énfasis a las “corporaciones americanas” por su “perversa complicidad” que a la dictadura por ser lo que es–es la misma disonancia de los globalifóbicos que ven más culpabilidad en el BM y FMI que en los bejaranos y priístas del mundo.

Confirmed: All Typepad blogs blocked in China

Censored_w_ciscoAsiapundit first sounded the alarm. Now it’s confirmed. All Typepad blogs, including this one, cannot be seen in China. (Note that Blogger has been blocked in China for some time.)  I asked some people in China to attempt accessing this blog and a long list of other random Typepad blogs (including ones that never discuss China), without using a proxy. None could be accessed.  Now all Typepad blogs wanting to be seen in China will have to migrate to another blog hosting service or onto an independent server. Meanwhile, Asiapundit has created a series of graphics like the one on the right which you can put on your blocked blog to help create awareness of the problem.

The Chinese government is mainly to blame for this, but it’s important to consider the way in which U.S. technology is being used to stifle free speech in China – and the extent to which U.S. companies are responsible for this usage. This includes not only Microsoft, but also Cisco Systems and others. Here is what Reporters Without Borders had to say about Cisco’s complicity in a recent report:

The architecture of the Chinese Internet was designed from the outset to allow information control. There are just five backbones or hubs through which all traffic must pass. No matter what ISP is chosen by Internet users, their e-mails and the files they download and send must pass through one of these hubs.