Getting into a top economics Ph.D.

Los comentarios a esta divertida especulación pueden ser de gran utilidad los estudiantes avanzados de economía…
Could Steve Levitt get into a top Ph.d. program today?
Posted by Tyler Cowen

Read the debate.  Steve says U. Chicago would nix him for lack of undergraduate mathematics classes.  He believes that Harvard or MIT “might still take a chance on me today.” 

I am a strong believer in having at least one top school — Chicago once played this role — which accepts virtually everybody and lets competition sort them out in brutal fashion.  I am also a strong believer in having more graduate students at top schools know economic history than real analysis.  I don’t expect either of these wishes to come true anytime soon.

Esta es la respuesta de Levitt:

I think the answer is that MIT and/or Harvard might still take a chance on me today, but not the other top places including the University of Chicago. At U of C, my application would be thrown out before ever getting to a faculty member, just as would have been the case 15 years ago.

I am lucky that MIT was willing to roll the dice.