Should Economists Rule the World?

Should Economists Rule the World?
Trends and Implications of Leadership Patterns in the Developing World, 1960—2005
Anil Hira, Political Science, Simon Fraser University.
International Political Science Review, Vol. 28, No. 3, 325-360 (2007)
Abstract: This article examines more carefully the oft-made hypotheses that (1) “technocrats” or politicians with an economics background are increasingly common and (2) that this “improvement” in qualifications will lead to improvements in economic policy. The article presents a database on the qualifications of leaders of the world’s major countries over the past four decades. The article finds that while there is evidence for increasing “technification,” there are also distinct and persistent historical patterns among Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and Latin American leaders. Using statistical analysis, the article finds that we cannot conclude that leadership training in economics leads to better economic outcomes.
Por supuesto, no podemos dar crédito alguno a este análisis: obviamente este tipo de cosas no se pueden medir estadísticamente.  El autor, un politólogo, está sesgado por su agenda “anti-economista”.  Lo que pasa es que los políticos y los poderes fácticos no permiten a los economistas implementar “fist best policies”.  Es toda una conspiración… :-)