Politics and Migration in Out-Migration Countries

A workshop sponsored by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Organizers: Covadonga Meseguer and Javier Aparicio
Friday September 23rd 2011
Sala de Seminarios, CIDE (Mexico City)


8:30 – 9:00 Welcome and introduction. Carlos Heredia (International Studies Division chair)

9:00-10:00. Katrina Burgess (Tufts University): Loyalty and Voice after Exit: Migrant Influence in New Democracies
Discussant: Joy Langston (CIDE)

 10:00-11:00. Jonathan Hiskey, Daniel Montalvo, and Diana Orces (Vanderbilt University): Democracy, Governance, and Emigration in Latin America
Discussant: Guadalupe González (CIDE)

11:15-12:15. Clarisa Pérez-Armendáriz (Bates College) and David Crow (CIDE): “Payin’ it Backward:  Migration and Democratic Diffusion in Latin America
Discussant: Gerardo Maldonado (CIDE)

12:15-13:15. Angela O’Mahony (RAND Corporation): “Remittances and Elections: Cross-national and Sub–national Evidence
Discussant: Carolina Garriga-Phillips (CIDE)

15:00-16:00. Lauren Duquette (UCLA): “The Welfare Effects of Migrant-state Coproduction in Mexico: the 3×1 Program, Remittances and Public Goods Provision
Discussant: Claudia Maldonado (CIDE)

16:00-17:00. Tobias Pfutze (Oberlin College): Clientelism vs. Social learning: the Electoral Effects of Migration
Discussant: Alejandra Armesto (University of Notre Dame)

17:00-18:00. Javier Aparicio (CIDE) and Covadonga Meseguer (CIDE): Supply or Demand? Migration and Political Manipulation in Mexico
Discussant: Juan Fernando Ibarra (CIDE)


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