Pooling Equilibrium and Open Secrets

Esto es lo que los economistas llaman “pooling equilibrium”:

“Most organizations who hire people right out of college are only aware of
the average value of 22 year olds, which is not that high…
The most productive young people will always be undervalued by large
organizations, because the young have no performance to measure yet, and any
error in guessing their ability will tend toward the mean.”

Pero una de las implicaciones es sopresiva:

“His point is that if you are exceptional and young, you should start your
own business. That way, you will get more than an average reward.
Learning comes from taking on challenges. Entrepreneurship is a constant,
in-your-face challenge. Relative to that, college is a stroll in the park. “


¿Que pasaria si todo mundo compartiera sus secretos en internet? Esto: