Immigrants and their Homelands

This friday, Covadonga Meseguer and I are attending an all day workshop at UCLA.  This is the program:

“Immigrants and their Homelands: Engagements, Impacts, Responses”

UCLA,  April 30th 2010


Leticia Calderón Chelius (Instituto Mora) “Uses and abuses of the social construction of the Mexican diaspora”
Lauren Duquette (Chicago) “Migrant Collective Remittances: Transforming Public Works, Local Governance, and State-Society Relations in Mexico”
Natasha Iskander (NYU) “Moroccan migrants as captains of industry: Remittances, Financial Engagement, and La Banque Centrale Populaire”
Jean-Michel Lafleur (University of Liege) “Bolivia’s first experience of external voting: comparing the profile of emigrant voters in New York, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Madrid”

Commentator: David Fitzgerald (UCSD)


Katrina Burgess (Tufts) “Migrant Associations and Democratic Accountability in Mexico”
Clarisa Perez-Armendariz (Bates College) “Trans-state communication and political learning”
Roger Waldinger (UCLA)  “The Limits of Engagement: Mexico and its Diaspora”

Commentator: Roberto Suro (USC)


Jeronimo Cortina (Houston), “Beyond the Money: The Impact of International Migration on Children’s Life Satisfaction – An Initial Assessment”
Jonathan Hiskey (Vanderbilt) “Migration Connections and Democracy in Latin America”
Covadonga Meseguer and Javier Aparicio (CIDE) “The Political Economy of Collective Remittances: The Mexican 3×1  Program for Migrants”

Commentator: Jorge Bravo (UCLA)