Some Political Science wisdom

This is an interesting and fun to read piece by Hans Noel (Georgetown Univ.) on “Ten things political scientists know that you don’t“.

Abstract: Many political scientists would like journalists and political practitioners to take political science more seriously, and many are beginning to pay attention. This paper outlines ten things that political science scholarship has learned that are at odds with much of the conventional wisdom of American politics.

This is the short list:

1. It’s The Fundamentals, Stupid
2. The Will of the People is Incredibly Hard to Put Your Finger on
3. The Will of The People May Not Even Exist
4. There Is No Such Thing As A Mandate
5. Duverger: It’s The Law
6. Party On
7. Most Independents Are Closet Partisans
8. Special Interests Are A Political Fiction
9. The Grass Does Not Grow By Itself
10. We Do Not Know What You Think You Know

Among many references to seminal papers in political science, Noel also provides a short list of political science blogs, which for some odd reason are relatively more scarce than economics blogs. I list them here for your reading pleasure:

The monkey cage

Jonathan Bernstein at

Daniel Drezner at

Simon Jackman at

Jacob Levy at

Jim Johnson at

Seth Masket at

Brendan Nyhan at

Stephen Walt at and


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