El CIDE en MPSA 2011

Este año hubo una fuerte presencia del CIDE en la 69th Midwest Political Science Association National Conference, realizada en Chicago del 31 de marzo al 3 de abril de 2011. Entre los profesores del CIDE que presentaron trabajos de investigación, se encuentran:

  1. Rosario Aguilar. “How Ethnic Attachment and Racial Context Affect Mexican-Americans’ In-Group and Out-Group Attitudes: Experimental and Survey Evidence”. Panel 31-6 Mapping the Rules of Race in American Politics.
  2. Francisco Javier Aparicio. “Top Down or Bottom Up? Redistributive Politics and Migration in Sending Countries” (con Covadonga Meseguer). Panel 14-15 Poverty, Migration, and Political Change.
    Gender quotas are not enough: How background experience and campaigning affect electoral outcomes” (con Joy Langston). Panel 4-2 Women, Electoral Politics and Rights.
  3. Ana Carolina Garriga. “Regulatory Lags and Vulnerability to Banking Crises”. Panel 15-21 Regulation and Liberalization: The Political Economy of Financial Openness.
  4. Raul Gonzalez. “The Time for Tinkering Is Over: An Argument for Mixed-Member Proportionality in Mexico”. Panel: 24-1 Electoral Institutions in a Comparative Perspective.
  5. Joy Langston. “Congressional Delegation in Mexico, from Hegemony to Democracy”. Panel 42-2 Legislator Actions in Comparative Legislatures.
    “Gender quotas are not enough: How background experience and campaigning affect electoral outcomes” (con Javier Aparicio). Panel 4-2 Women, Electoral Politics and Rights.
  6. Brian J. Phillips. “How Terrorist Organizations Survive: Cooperation and Competition in Terrorist Group Networks”. Panel 17-23 Quantitative Approaches to the Study of Terrorism.
  7. Gilles Serra. “The Effects of the Competitiveness of Primary Elections on Polarization”. Panel 37-3 Primaries.
    “Why Are Structural Reforms Delayed? The Case of PEMEX and the Oil Industry in Mexico”. Panel 9-7 Legislative Politics in Latin America.

Y fue una grata sopresa descubrir que varios egresados del CIDE, que actualmente cursan estudios de doctorado, también presentaron varios trabajos muy interesantes. ¡Una felicitación especial a todos y cada uno de ellos!

  1. Adriana Crespo-Tenorio (CIDE 2006. Washington University St. Louis 2008-). “Incentives to Lobby: a Text Analysis Approach to Fast Track Authority”. Panel 15-1 Trade Policy: Voters, Lobbying, and Preferences
  2. Sebastián Garrido de Sierra (University of California-Los Angeles 2008-). Eroded Unity and Clientel Migration: An Alternative Explanation of Mexico’s Democratic Transition”. Panel 5-20 The Development in Mexico.
  3. Jenny Guardado (CIDE 2006. NYU 2008-).Patronage Politics in Autocratic Regimes: Evidence from Mexico”. Panel 4-23 Clientelism and Corruption.
  4. Sandra J. Ley Gutiérrez (CIDE 2006. Duke University 2008-). “Security and Crime Issue Voting in Latin America”. Panel 9-9 Voting Behavior in Latin America.
  5. Javier Osorio (CIDE 2002. University of Notre Dame). “Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Drug Violence in Mexico”. Panel 9-2 Organized Crime and Its Social Impact.